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EBSI4ES is made up of a team of blockchain enthusiasts. Convinced of the benefits that this technology brings to the exchange of information at a cross-border level. With our work we want to add value to the European EBSI project, and demonstrate that the issuance, exchange and verification of credentials is simple. Participating in the consortium: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Transformation, Ministry of Universities, National Currency and Stamp Factory -RFM, Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities, Rovira and Virgil University, Ibermática.


Real cross border exchange

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The Secretary of State for Artificial Intelligence supports the development of the EBSI infrastructure.

Angel L. Martín Deputy director

"Diploma use case on Blockchain”, the disruptive technology that will revolutionize academic certification

Carmen Barrera Senior analyst

Sovereign digital identity and block chain technology, which represent an evolution over the ones used until now.

Angel Laín Innovation Director